// Pinky Paradise Contact GO! *Deadline for the GO is Jan 10th!*//

IMPORTANT EDIT: Deadline has been extended from Jan 5th to Jan 10th!

Pinky Paradise Contact GO! *Deadline for the GO is Jan 10th!* 

(Please feel free to tag anyone you may think will find this useful)

Anyone thinking or needing color contacts for you cosplay? This may be for you!

Basically this site sells a variety of colored contacts, ranging from different brands and types. They also make them with power so no more having to wear glasses over your colored contacts for those who have bad eyesight.

Anyway, we’re doing the GO because if we make an order that’s over $130, we get ~free shipping~!

There will be 2 part payments for each person for this order.

- 1st payment is the down payment upon ordering. (total price for the items) 

- 2nd payment will be shipping from me to you once all packages arrives to me unless I can meet you in person to make the exchange and is only required *after* the deadline. (ex: priority mail $5.35 flat rate with in US)

- Note1: All payments will be done preferably by paypal.

- Note2: I live in Plano, TX, so the only way I can give you your package directly is if you live in the area. If you do, we can schedule a meet time/date/location. *Please note you are responsible for picking up your order* If you don’t/are not able to show at the scheduled meet the first time, you will have to pay for shipping as I will have to ship to you.

*Deadline for the GO is Januray 10th!*

Once deadline is reached, I will double check everyone’s orders and sum up the totals. If we have reached the $130 mark, I will inform everyone and then ask for the 2nd payment (only if a meet up is not an option) before shipping out.

If you’re interested, just leave me an email (nomonome99@gmail.com) with this form filled out:


Item links:

Eye sight powers (left and/or right):

Shipping address:

Once I recieve your order, I will send you my paypal contact to make the first and second payment. 

IMPORTANT: There is a paypal transfer fee of 2.9% of total amount sent plus $0.30 per transaction. This will calculated into the payments.

Website: http://www.pinkyparadise.com/

New Users Guide: http://www.pinkyparadise.com/Articles.asp?ID=251